Social media addiction can be described simply to someone spending too much time using Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media which it interferes with other aspects of daily life.

Do you have following symptoms?

  • When you leave your mobile behind at home do you feel a sense of loss and isolation because you can’t check your Facebook or Twitter updates while out and about

  • You check your Facebook account 20 times a day

  • If you don’t receive a comment on your latest blog post within 12 hours you have suicidal thoughts

  • You go away for a weekend without your laptop and your suffer severe heart palpitations?

  • You have more social media icons on your mobile than productivity apps?

  • You have more online friends than you have in real life

  • You Tweet on your mobile while walking

  • You log on to Facebook before you have brushed your teeth in the morning

  • You check your Facebook or Twitter updates ‘after’ going to bed


    How to get rid of Social Media Addiction:

    1. Accepting the Problem-

         - Accept that you have a problem and you are addicted!

    2. Turn off all the Notifications

    3. Set your priorities right

    4. Develop some hobbies

    5. Take a week off and have a vacation

      Do this, deactivate all your social networking accounts for a week and take a week long vacation from everything.