A christmas gift to Kids in Maharagama Cancer Hospital (2008 Christmas Programme)


Thank you All

SIGMA KIDS, the kids’ web site went to children’s ward of Maharagama Cancer hospital with Christmas presents on 29 th December 2008 . You know how we collected these presents. We sent a little email to our island wide friends. As a response of our request, the Sri Lankan friends hand over many gifts to us. And the little members also joined with us. Not only the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles and aunts but also the grand mothers and grand fathers gave us the gifts.


You helped us with a little pencil, eraser or a book, but when we give it to the kids it was a big bulk. After we contribute the gifts to one by one there was lots of gifts remaining. So we hand over them to the kids’ teacher. The teacher took responsibility to contribute it to each kid as their needs. We have collected lots of story books too. We hand over them to the Hospital kids’ library. And we have discussed to build a complete library for kids through Sigma Kids. Some of Sigma Kids little members also participated to this event. So they also did several things with Santa Clause to make happy these kids.

Do you know how much the kids in Maharagama cancer hospital were happy when they got your gifts? The main reason for their happiness is they felt that all Sri Lankan are with them for their loneliness. The kids in Maharagama cancer hospital thank you for your kindness. And we, sigma kids little members and the Sigma Kids team also thank you for your kind support.





The letter and art work from kids in Maharagama Cancer Hospital
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