Opportunity to help to a little friend
Do you remember the christmas programme last year? You can't forget that journey which we visit to Maharagama Cancer Hospital with your little gifts. So, We are ready to visit Maharagama Cancer Hospital again for this christmas as last year. We know that you all with be us to success this programme. So, little you also can contribute with us. Don't try to do big things. You can give your little toy and share your happiness with another little friend like you. And the cancer hospital let us know the other essential things for them. If you like you can give these items too.

Fresh fruits
Milk powder
Tooth paste and tooth brush
Books (Drawing books, story books, exercise books)
colouring boxes

We let you know to where you can hand over these items. Collect your presents to little friendsand call us. Our Phone number is 011-2505051. And Remember that the most valued thing is not the price of your item but your kind heart. So you can contribute a tiny thing and show your kind heart to the world.


  Memories From last year Christmas Programme