Hello friends, do you know who
I am ? I am a Star Fish.I am not
a fish at all although I live in the
sea. I am belonging to
Echinoderm family. My family
divided in to two types as Sea
Stars and Brittle Stars.

I have five arms; they are coming from a disk. I have only five arms, but some of my friends have ten, some have twenty & some have forty arms too. I have a bony skin. It helps me to protect from big fish.



In our family there are 2000 species all over the world. We eat anything what we easily capture. But our favorite food is bivalves.

Do you know one of my specialties is I have no front end. Any side of mine is as likely to be the front as any other side.Also I have no ears

and eyes. I have only eyespots on the end of each arm & they are looking red in color. We breathe through our arms. We have no brain likewise blood. Our blood is actually filtered sea water.
Normally our size is 12cm to 24cm and our weight is nearly 5 kilograms. Our life span is nearly 35 years.

So friends, those are my details. When you will visit the Corel reefs look carefully you will find beautiful star fish like me.