Is your pet a kitten? Then there are some tips to look after him.

The place where your kitten sleeps must keep clean and warm. Your kitten likes warm and clean places very much.


Keep your kitten's plate and water container in exact place. And give him his meals in regular time



Kittens like to be in an exact place. They don't like to move here and there. Therefore you choose a place where he can live his lifetime.

Kittens like to eat again and again. Therefore keep some food in his plate.
Do you love your doggy? Then there are some things not do to him. Do you know what are they?

Don't kiss your kitten. There are lots of germs in his body

Don't be close your kitten when he is eating.May be he bites you.
Don't touch the things which your kitten chew. If your kitten's salaiva toucehs your skin wash your skin using soap.
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