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Little Red Riding Hood
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Once upon a time there was a little girl. She always wears a red riding hood. Therefore every one calls her red riding hood. One day her mother asks her to go and see her grand mother. Her mother gives her a basket with delicious food.
Little red riding hood takes it and goes to see her grand mother. She happens to pass a forest on her way to grandmother’s house. When the Little red riding hood passing that forest she meets a big ugly wolf. She is afraid and begins to cry. Wolf looks at her and he feels sorry about the red riding hood. And asks, “Why are you crying?”
“Don’t eat me…I’m going to see my grand mother she is seriously ill…. don’t eat me please…”she begs. “Ok little girl…I don’t eat you…but I’m very hungry. Give me something to eat.” The wolf asks.Little red riding hood opens her basket and takes some food from it. “Ok good wolf, I give you all these food. Please let me go now.”
The wolf takes and eats the delicious food. And let to go the little red riding hood.When the red riding hood is going the wolf thinks that: “How sweet these food…. there must be lots of sweet in her basket…If I pass this forest and go to her grand mother’s house before her I can eat them all.”
The wolf went to grandmother’s house before the red riding hood. And the wolf locks her grandmother in a room. The wolf dressed up as grandmother and lie on grandmother’s bed and wait for red riding hood.Little red riding hood doesn’t know about this and she enters her grandmother’s house with delight. And went at the grand mothers bed.
She looks at her grandmother’s face very carefully. “Why is your nose so long granny?” she asks." Because to smell your fragrance well.” The wolf said. “Why are your ears so big granny?” she asks looking at wolf’s big ears.” Because to listen you very carefully.” Said the wolf.” Why are your eyes so large?” red riding hood asks looking at the wolf’s eyes.” To see your beauty very well” wolf answers very angrily.
"To see your beauty very well” wolf answers very angrily.Now wolf wants to eat the red riding hood.” Why your teeth so sharp?” little red riding hood asks innocently.”Because to eat you well” the wolf says and jumps from the bed. Little red riding hood is afraid and screams as loud as she can. And she began to run…the wolf also start to chase her.Two men hear her voice and they come to see what’s going on.
They see that the wolf and the little innocent girl. They killed the wolf and save the red riding hood's life. After that little red riding hood lives together with her grandmother, mother and father happily. The End