Sahan in Auto Work Station
Auto work Station
Adventurous Diary

I told you that day I’m going to Auto Work Station again. So, today I went there. Let’s search what’s have to learn here.


An uncle brought a car to service. Another uncle who works in this garage brings it to service. I see what’s that uncle do to that car.

Uncle opened the car and starts to clean it with the help of a tool.

The carpets and other things are taken out

He washes all those carpets well.
While uncle is cleaning the car a mortor bike came to clean. It is an urgent work. Uncle went to clean it. I also look at this.
It is cleaning inside the engine too.
He removes four wheels.
Now he washes well the places where the wheels placed.
The vehicle is lifted like this. Now it can be cleaned under the vehicle
Now uncle can wash the car like this
Look here, There's no matter to be afraid to go under this. Uncle brought me to there.
After washing the car slowly it is taken down.
After washing the vehicle it is wiped as this. Afterthat it handover to the owner.

So, today also we learnt many things. Then Let's meet again with another valuable things. Good bye!

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