Auto Work Station

Do you know where am I today? This is the place, which repair the vehicles. This place is called as Auto Work Station. Come with me lets see what’s going on here.


This uncle is willing to describe me what’s going on this place. I asked first what’s the tool which near by me. Uncle described me it.


This is the compressor. This uses to pump gas to vehicles. Compressors are similar to pumps. Uncle described me.


Next, Uncle Brought me to another tool. It is called as Hidrolic Jack. It is used to lift the vehicle.


First we put the vehicle on this stand and pull this handle. Then the vehicle is lifted. Uncle described me while he was doing it.


Do you know what is this? When a vehicle came for repaire it park on this. And the person who going to repaire it, go under this and do his works

A vehicle came for repaire when uncle described me what's going on here. And uncle happend to repaire it.
Uncle doesn't have time to describe me. But I wait and see how uncle reaire the car. Uncle asked me to come another day. Let's come again to know other things. Good bye!
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